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Unexpectedly Mine Free PDF: “Unexpectedly Mine” is a fictional work available as a free PDF download. This literary creation offers readers an engaging narrative filled with twists, turns, and unexpected events that captivate the imagination. The storyline likely presents an element of surprise, challenging conventional expectations and showcasing the unexpected.

Readers are treated to an exploration of characters, emotions, and events that are woven together to create a unique and unpredictable tale. The term “Unexpectedly Mine” hints at a sense of ownership or attachment to something unforeseen, adding an intriguing layer to the plot.

Those who seek free PDFs of literary works with a penchant for the unexpected and enjoy surprises within the realm of fiction would likely find this piece an interesting read. It’s advisable to access and enjoy the narrative directly through a legal and authorized source offering the PDF for free.

Unexpectedly Mine Details-

Book Name: Unexpectedly Mine
Author: Erin Hawkins
Pages 350
Language: English
File Type: PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size: 1.84 MB
ePub Size 1.19 MB
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Unexpectedly Mine free pdf

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Unexpectedly Mine Book Summary-

This was my first book by Erin Hawkins, and I found myself engrossed from the start. I thought it was great how Emma and Gryphon first met. Emma is a designer based in New York who specialises in wedding gowns. She’s putting on a fashion display in Las Vegas and she’s bringing her crew with her. It’s her birthday, and she just found out that her ex-boyfriend Alec is now engaged!
After work, she and her coworker and friend Jess go out drinking and dancing.

They’re off to a dancing spectacular for men.
It’s Gryphon Hart’s last night on the programme before he goes permanently to take the Nevada Bar Exam and start working for a law company in the state.
However, unexpected things might happen in life. Despite being legally responsible for his younger sister, Sophie, since he turned 18, Tonight has other plans for his life, including having one of the other dancers, Dallas, stay away from his new girlfriend, Emma, whom he has decided needs guarding.

Beginning of the Plot-

An enthusiastic fashion designer named Anna is presenting her wares to the public for the first time at the Blushing Bride Convention in Las Vegas. She is supposed to sew a model into a white couture dress, but she pricks her finger instead.

She manages to complete the dress despite the mayhem and receives compliments for her “sassy, flirty gowns that are guaranteed to make you own your day.” Anna’s buddy and personal assistant, Jess, gives her a hand wiping down.

Jess adds that the dress was a white slip-style gown that she wore to her mother’s wedding and planned to modernise for her own. Anna’s boyfriend Alec has surprised her by breaking up with her. The life she’s leading at age 30 is quite different from the one she had envisioned when she was younger. Barrett and Chloe send her an e-card for her birthday, but she hasn’t heard from Alec by text message.

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The wedding dresses created by Emma Belle wedding symbolise the uniting of two individuals in love. Jess, the store’s proprietor, is a good friend of Emma and Jess Belle, whose namesake boutique it is.

As opening day approaches, the store’s owner is anxious about her outfit and whether or not Alec would propose. Jess tells her to forget about the criticism and instead relish in the praise for her new line of wedding gowns. The crowd is already up as the first model enters the runway. The author is overjoyed to see her ideas being worn by models, but she is disappointed that her family cannot attend the event due to scheduling conflicts.

At a fashion show, the narrator finds himself centre stage among the models and purchasers. On her birthday, she was shocked to discover an engagement post from Alec Mitchell and is eager to hear their thoughts.

It’s not a birthday post, but it is a picture of Alec and Brecken holding hands, and Brecken is wearing a very huge diamond ring. When the narrator learns that Alec and his girlfriend of just two months are engaged, he is taken aback. When the narrator learns that Emma Belle Bridal outbid Bergman’s and is now celebrating the success of their dresses, she is taken aback.

Jess, the CEO of the firm, attempts to reassure the narrator when she learns that their inventions have been released into the wild. The narrative voice is rattled and disoriented.

About The Author Erin Hawkins-

Erin Hawkins writes humorous, spicy, and occasionally hot romantic comedies. She and her spouse and three small children are Colorado residents. Reading, running, hiking in the mountains, binge-watching reality TV, and all-day brunch are among her favourite activities.

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